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About my work

Hello I'm Leslie! 

I'm a visual artist that enjoys working with a variety of mediums including; oil and watercolor painting, ceramic and metal sculpting, printmaking, textile design, and jewelry design. My current body of work primarily consists of pottery and jewelry design. I have worked as a pottery instructor in the Bay Area for the past 8 years. However, I am currently taking my work on the road!

Traveling has allowed me to explore new mediums and processes of creating. I have recently been processing my own clay from the land I currently reside. (Check out my photos below for a step by step guide!)

I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces, and my favorite way to work is through commissions. So if you have a vision, feel free to contact me and I can help bring it to life! 

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Play with clay!

No clay? No problem. You can create your own workable clay from the soil under your feet!

image 2.png

Here’s how:

  1. Locate soil without too many rocks or plant matter in it.

  2. Fill a bucket/tub 1/3 of the way with soil.

  3. Pick out as much plant matter/rocks as you can, leaving mostly soil.

  4. Fill the rest of the bucket/tub with water.

5. Mix the soil and water completely (Can be done with feet, hands, or shovel).
6. Wait for sand and silt to settle for 5 minutes and pour clay water though sheet.
7. Let the water drain and what remains is your clay
8. Let the clay dry for at least 24-48 hours to reach workable consistency.
9. Sculpt away!

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pottery photographed by Jen Fedrizzi

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